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2014 Neighborhood Survey Results

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out the 2014 Neighborhood Survey! We received a total of 44 responses, for a very respectable 22% response rate. The data we received from the survey is of tremendous value in helping your Board determine how best to improve our neighborhood and Association. A document summarizing the results of the survey may be found at this link.

This document contains graphs summarizing the responses to the multiple-choice questions (Questions 5-9), followed by charts containing a category breakdown, which summarizes the written responses that were received to Questions 1-4. Because of the variety of thoughtful written responses that were received, the category breakdown is more art than science, but it is an attempt to identify common themes that were prevalent in the responses. For each category of written response, the number of times that topic was mentioned is noted on the chart. Because a written response may contain more than one topic, the number of "topic mentions" may exceed the total number of responses received. For example, if a response said, "I like pie, and kittens", then both the "Pie" and "Kitten" categories would be counted as having received a mention. Between all 4 of the written questions, about 160 total responses were received. If you would like to receive a copy of the complete (anonymous) written responses, please contact the Board.

As a next step, the Board will be further analyzing the survey responses we received, and formulating goals and action plans based upon what you told us. These goals and action plans will be shared with the neighborhood, so you'll have a full understanding of what will be done with the data, and why. As always, we welcome your input on any topic that is of interest to you - please direct any questions or comments to the Board.

Special thanks are due to Gabe Cherem, whose experience and diligence in assembling and administering the survey, as well as tabulating the results, have been of great service to the Board and the neighborhood.