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Arbor Hills Announcement

Dear Arbor Hills Neighbors,

On June 27th a petition signed by 82 homeowners was presented to the Secretary of the Arbor Hills Board requesting, per the bylaws, that a Special Meeting be held for the purpose of recalling all of the current board members.  The bylaws require the Board President to call the meeting now scheduled for July 18th.  At this meeting, a vote will occur.  If 101 votes are received agreeing to this, all of the Board members will be removed.

There was much upset generated by recent neighborhood inspections and resulting fine notifications.  These inspections were not conducted in a manner that was agreeable to homeowners.  This was an error on the part of both the Board and the Management Company hired to assist and guide the board members.  As a result, the relationship between the Board and Marcus Management has been terminated effective August 30th.  It is clear that communication between neighbors and the board members needs to occur in order to determine the best means to maintain the appearance of the neighborhood  - both what that means and how this should be conducted.

There has been much progress by the Board in the last three years with regard to communication including monthly newsletters, open board meetings, a neighborhood Facebook page and a board email address.  Many improvements have been made to the neighborhood such as new mailboxes, repaired and painted mailbox stands, road seal coating and improved landscaping at our front entrance.  Additionally, the assessment collection policy was updated to follow the Bylaws and allow a 30-day grace period for payment of association dues.  There was rollback of the ‘double assessment’ on non-resident homeowners.  Most importantly, there is now a detailed line-item budget that is presented to homeowners two months prior to the annual meeting which is open for discussion and input; and then voted on at that annual meeting.  This budget provides all of us with assurance that the finances of our community are handled responsibly and with the goal of ensuring that funds are available for the maintenance of our community – most especially the roads.

Three of the five board positions will be up for election at the Annual Meeting held on October 24th.  This would allow neighbors three months to assess the positions of possible candidates.

The concern regarding inspections has been noted by the Board.  No further inspections or fines will be implemented until this issue can be assessed further and resolution achieved that is acceptable to the majority of neighbors.  This may be deferred until a new board is in place; allowing neighbors to discuss their viewpoints with new candidates.

We ask that you support the current board members in the next three months to focus on the tasks of hiring a new management company and preparing the 2014 operating budget.


Arbor Hills Board

Ig Justyna, David Finnegan, Carla Charlebois, Jill Kulhanek, and Vance Allen