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Association Dues

Arbor Hills Condominium Association

Casa Bella Property Management
850 North Crooks Road - Suite 100
Clawson, Michigan 48017
Alex Stankiewicz, phone 248-655-1500, ext 1010


Association dues are currently $730 per year, assessed bi-annually with $365 due on January 1st and $365 due on July 1st. Dues are equally assessed for each unit in Arbor Hills. Revenue from the association dues provides funds to manage and maintain Arbor Hills common elements, covers the association's operating costs, and replenishes reserves. Arbor Hills has a number of common elements it is responsible for, including mailboxes and stands, street lighting, roads, snow plowing, mowing, landscape maintenance, storm water sewage, and common areas. Annually, the budget is reviewed to set the amount assessed for the association dues.

The management company handles the billing and administration of the association dues. Notices and payment coupons are sent out in December and June, and payments are due in January and July.  If you have questions regarding making association payments or what your current account balance is, please contact Casa Bella at the letterhead address above.

Late Fees: Prompt payment of association dues and outstanding association account balances is expected. Late fees are charged monthly on any association account carrying a balance, until the balance is paid in full (including all late fees). All accounts carrying an outstanding balance will receive a monthly billing statement. Accounts that are past due over 180 days are subject to further collection actions. Please refer to the information in the Collection Policy Document for detailed information on the collection of association fees and service charges.