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Please consider volunteering for a Committee.  We always welcome new volunteers.

Bylaws  – Chair position currently vacant
Review our Association Bylaws and make suggestions  as to how they can be updated and streamlined.  
This  work will lead to a vote by co-owners to update this  essential document.
Communications – Chair position currently vacant
Keep everyone informed of all neighborhood news.
Community Relations - Chairperson - Chair position currently vacant
Advise the Board on matters involving the City of Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Advocate with City and School officials on behalf of our neighborhood, as directed by the Board.
Landscape and Architecture – Chair position currently vacant
Advise on operation and maintenance common areas.
Assist in maintaining the community’s aesthetic  goals, including conducting the Annual Inspection.
Rental – Chairperson – Chair position currently vacant
Aid those who choose to rent their homes   
Social  – Chair position currently vacant
Plan social events for the neighborhood
Welcome  - Chairperson - Chair position currently vacant
Welcome newcomers to the neighborhood and ensure that they are provided with relevant information.