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Community Partners for Clean Streams

The Community Partners for Clean Streams (CPCS) is a voluntary, cooperative effort between the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office and Washtenaw County businesses, institutional landowners and multi-family residential complexes. The goal of the program is to help identify practical, cost effective ways to protect Washtenaw County waterways through pollution prevention. CPCS is a cost-free initiative that provides information, technical advice and recognition to participants. Arbor Hills has been recognized for it's Water Quality Action Plan with a two year extension.

EPA studies show that as much as 70% of all water pollution is caused by storm water runoff. After a rain or melt event, water flows over roofs, parking lots, lawns, streets and sidewalks. As the runoff flows over land, it picks up and carries a variety of pollutants including sediment, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, debris, oils and greases from the landscape. Please click this link to view the letter and certificate from the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner.