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List of Roofing Contractors

With the harsh winter we experienced, many homes have had damage or accelerated wear-and-tear to their roofing. If your home is in need of roof repair, please check out the list of local roofing contractors below. Note that these are not recommendations, just a list for reference. If any Arbor Hills homeowner knows of other roofing contractors whom they would recommend, please feel free to post your recommendations to our neighborhood's Facebook page.

List of Roofing Contractors, for reference only (no recommendation implied):

All Phases Roofing                 734-327-1333

Bronni Roofing                       734-662-0422

Burke’s Roofing Repairs        734-662-5556

CS Roofing Company            734-665-4700

George Meyer Co.                  734-769-7330

Hansen Roofing                      734-761-7314

Imperial Building Co.             734-660-4906

Mr. Roof                                 800-949-0009

Neighborhood Roofing           734-994-6500

New Roof                               734-665-5555

Quality Roofing                      734-213-3535

Sherriff-Goslin Co.                 800-753-1906

Tony’s Roof Repair                734-747-7663