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Neighborhood Picnic: September 6th, 12 noon to 5pm

Taste of Arbor Hills Family Picnic

It's time to celebrate our wonderful diverse neighborhood!
Let's get together, relax and have some fun! Please bring some food to share (serves 6­8). Perhaps
a family favorite recipe.We have so many countries and cultures represented in our neighborhood,
we can sample the delightful tastes from around the world! The Association will provide supplies
for games, bottled water, plates, silverware, chop sticks, napkins and dessert.
Twist and Shout the Clown at 1:00!
Magic Show, Bubble Bonanza, and Puppets.
Officer Friendly at 2:10-3:00!
Kids can sit in the police car, watch the flashing lights, and interact with the officers. The Police
Department may send a motorcycle, as well.
Fire Truck demonstration at 3:00!
The Fire department will bring some equipment for the kids to try on and open the hydrant. Have
your child wear a bathing suit under their clothes.
Games and Activities!
Depending on Participant and Volunteer Interest
Music- Classical Indian Vocalists at 3:30!
We need your help!
Please visit website to sign
up for many tasks with which we need your help.