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Snow Plowing and Parking

Prior to snow removal, cars may not be parked curbside on the street when there is a snowfall of one and a half inches. This is to ensure that the snow plow can clear the streets of Arbor Hills without obstructions. Vehicles left on the curbside during and after a snowfall that is one and a half inches or greater, are towed at the owner's expense.  
Snow Plowing and Objects Near the Road
Objects, such as basketball hoops, within five feet of the road, must be removed prior to a snowfall of one and a half inches or greater. Any objects left within five feet of the road during and after a snowfall of one and a half inches or greater can be removed at the discretion of the Association. This policy was enacted to provide better clearance to the snow plows, so that they may access the full width of the road.  
Clearing Snow off Sidewalks
It is the responsibility of the co-owner and occupants of the unit to clear the sidewalk of snow and ice greater than 1 inch, that is within their unit property line and on any adjacent public sidewalk and ramps leading to crosswalks, within 24 hours of snowfall per the City ordinance. The City provides one 5 gallon bucket of sand and salt mixture to each resident per year. It can be obtained at the City's Maintenance Yard, 721 N. Main, (734)994-1617. Please bring your own shovel and bucket and check in for directions to self-load your bucket. More information is posted on the City's Snow Removal On Sidewalks web page.  
Towing Information
Arbor Hills has a towing contract with Brewer's. If your car has been towed, contact Brewer's directly. All vehicles are towed at the vehicle owner's expense.
Brewer's (734) 665-8888
1763 Plymouth Road 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105