First Day of School Ice Cream Social

The Board has approved a "First Day of School" Ice Cream Social for Tuesday, September 3rd at 7pm at Kilburn Park.  Are there any volunteers that would like to play music during the event? Please click here to Contact Board.


AHCA Board meeting open session

The AHCA Board meeting open session is scheduled for 7 to 8 PM, Wednesday, August 28, at Kilburn Park weather permitting. Agenda items include:

  1. Aesthetic Aspects Committee to present the results of the completed neighborhood survey.
  2. Board comments about Your Piece of Mind the new management company.
  3. Report of effects of mosquito control using mosquito dunk treatment.
  4. Announcements and information about upcoming meetings.
  5. Co-owner question and answer.

Neighborhood Ice Cream Social

The ice cream with music in the park event is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21st at 7:00pm.  Please join your neighbors for a fun filled evening at Kilburn park.

New Management Company Announcement

The Board is pleased to announce the selection of Your Peace of Mind Inc., based in Howell Michigan, as our new management company effective September 1, 2013.  Your Peace of Mind (YPM) is in the process of working with Marcus Management to secure all information needed to complete a smooth transition.  In the meantime, Marcus Management will continue to perform their contractual duties such as bill payments, dues collections, financial reporting, and being responsive to co-owners requests through August 31, 2013.   The Board believes Your Peace of Mind President, Glynis Mc

Aesthetic Aspects Survey Deployed

The Aesthetics Aspect Committee has created a survey to solicit feedback from the neighborhood on the inspection criteria co-owners would like to see take place and the frequency. You are encouraged to participate and there are two options to respond.  Please go to to fill out the survey OR complete the paper survey on the back page of the August newsletter and return to the mailbox of: 3255 Dunwoodie Court by 5:00pm Friday, August 23, 2013.

Management Company Search Update

First interviews with potential candidates for management companies were held last week. The Board is currently checking references and reviewing  proposed management contracts for applicability of scope of services and associated costs. A second interview will be conducted as soon as possible with the final candidate(s).

Aesthetic Aspects Committee Established

During the open Board meeting last evening, 7/24/13, a committee of co-owner volunteers has been formed to work on the very important task of defining aspects for aesthetics as they are to be used for administering a compliance program for the neighborhood. The members are Brian Charnetski, Gabe Cherem, Elaine Kennedy, Jill Kulhanek, and Collin Ross. The committee will develop aspects which will then be presented in a survey to the neighborhood to obtain co-owner feedback.

New Management Company Decision Matrix

As announced at the open Board meeting this evening, a decision matrix has been created to capture the process of selecting a new management company. The matrix lists our current candidates and also has selection criteria that has been developed up to this point. The weighting on the form is currently not fixed and listed only for example.

July Open Board Meeting

The Arbor Hills Board of Directors will meet in a regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday, July 24, at

Special Meeting Results

As a result of the petition signed by 82 co-owners of the Association and delivered to the Board on June 27, a special meeting was required to be called. The purpose of the meeting was to vote for removal of all current Board members and no cause was given.