Street Cleaning

Friday morning, May 4th, RJR Street Sweepers will be coming to Arbor Hills to sweep our streets of accumulated debris from the winter.  Please do not park your cars in the road starting at 8am until completion as this will hamper their ability to clean our streets.

Spring Clean Up

With the snow gone, it is easy to see the trash and other debris that has blown into or around Arbor Hills.  Please take time to clean up around your yard and neighboring common areas of any trash, old newspapers or other litter.  Spring Clean Up is scheduled for  Saturday, March 24th at 9am (Rain Date is March 25) There will be free doughnuts, beverages and trash bags provided. We will meet at Kilburn Park and divide into teams to cover the neighborhood. Lets keep Arbor Hills beautiful!

March Board Meeting

There will be a Board Meeting on Wednesday, March 21st, at Clague Middle School in the Media Center from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. All neighbors are welcome to attend and participate. Agenda items are: Vehicle speed survey results; Landscape ideas for the front entrance; 2012 Reserve study expenditures (silt removal and seal coating); and the new Neighborhood Watch Group. Hope to see you there.

Home Invasion Update


Arbor Hills Google Group Communication

A closed Google Group has been set up for Arbor Hills neighbors. Only neighbors who request to join and are confirmed as co-owners can send or receive email; thereby eliminating any chance of spam.

December Board Meeting - Cancelled

The December monthly board meeting scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month or December 21st has been cancelled due to the proximity to the holidays.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Board or Provident.

Halloween Parade in Arbor Hills

The Halloween Parade was a big success with over 80 neighbors attending!  Officer McNally from the Ann Arbor City Police lead the costumed clan around the Dunwoodie - Kilburn loop in his squad car sounding the siren along the way.  Thanks to the volunteers that helped arrange and set this up. 


Annual Meeting

The Arbor Hills Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, October 27th.  We had great attendance with 99 people by presence or proxy.  Please join me in thanking Steve Haddrill and Winnie Song for their service to our community and welcome David Finnegan, Carla Charlebois and Ig Justyna (again!) to their roles as Board Members. 

2011 Road Reserve Study

The 2011 Road Reserve Study has been completed and the reserve amount needed to be saved each year has been identified. Items included in the reserve study are as follows:
- Concrete curbing
- Asphalt street overlay (road replacement), phased replacement
- Asphalt seal coating
- Asphalt sidewalk overlay (sidewalk along Green Road)
- Detention pond and outlets cleaning - silt removal
- Streetlight pole replacement, phased replacement

Group Discount on Roofing

Discount Roofing is offering our subdivision a group discount on roofing.  If you are interested in a free, no-obligation quote, please contact Abdul at 800-971-4005 and mention that you live in Arbor Hills.