New Management Company

Effective October 1, 2011; Arbor Hills Condominium Association has contracted with Provident Real Estate & Asset Management to provide Management Services to Arbor Hills.  The Board is confident that this will be a positive change for the community.  Provident has assured the Board that responsiveness to homeowners will be their priority.  They will be coordinating our Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 27th.  Please plan to attend to meet the staff of Provident.  Contact information is:  Jeremy Dantzler; 734-369-6117 (office); 734-274-9086 (alternate/emergency).

LED Streetlight Proposal

The Lighting/Solar Committee has a proposal for replacing our streetlights from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to cost efficient LED. Review their proposal by clicking on the link below.

Click on the link for the LED Streetlight Proposal

Music & Ice Cream In The Park




Neighborhood Inspection

A Neighborhood Inspection was performed on Saturday, June 4, between 8am-10am by the Landscape Committee.  Many homeowners were alerted to the Neighborhood Policies and asked to take action to comply with them.  If you received a Reminder, thank you for your attention to the items noted.  If you are unsure of the meaning or what you are being asked to do, please contact the Board or Landscape Committee.  This not an 'violation' or 'write up'.  It is a tool that the Landscape Committee is using to remind all homeowners of the Policies and to alert them to the items that were found to be out

Neighborhood Inspection Notification

Our community is striving to be a beautiful place in which to reside harmoniously with our neighbors.  It is the obligation of the Board of Directors to ensure that each homeowner is adhering to the Bylaws and Neighborhood Policies regarding the appearance of their home within our community. In order to effectively enforce these policies, there will be an inspection of all homes within Arbor Hills the first week of June and continuing throughout the year.  During these inspections, the following items will be monitored for compliance with neighborhood policy.

Arbor Hills is on Facebook!

We have another way to communicate within our community.  Please look for "Arbor Hills Neighborhood" on Facebook.  It is a 'closed' group only for neighbors of Arbor Hills.  
Click this link to go to the Arborhills Neighborhood Facebook and look for the "Ask to Join Group" button in the top right corner.  Once you're a member of the group, you can help our group grow by adding other Arbor Hills neighbors to the group.  Hope to see you there!