Revised Inspection Policy Draft

A revised draft of the Inspection Policy, incorporating homeowner feedback received, can be found here. Thanks to all those who provided their input!

This revision adds language tying the Alteration/Modification process into the inspections, and also explicitly includes the provisions from the Arbor Hills Neighborhood Policies related to fines and the appeal process. If you have any additional suggestions for improving the policy, please contact the Board.

February 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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March Board Meeting

January 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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February 2014 Newsletter

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Proposed Inspection Policy Draft

In an effort to reduce past confusion and tensions regarding neighborhood inspections, the Board has drafted a proposed Inspection Policy (click on the link to view). The proposed policy is not intended to replace our existing Neighborhood Policies or Bylaws, but rather to clarify expectations about the process and content of the inspections themselves.

January 2014 Newsletter

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December 2013 Newsletter

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November Board Minutes

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