May 2014 Newsletter

Click on the link for the May 2014 newsletter.

AHCA Board Meeting Open Session: Wednesday, May 28th, 7pm

The next open meeting of the AHCA Board will be on Wednesday, May 28th, 7pm, in the Clague Middle School Media Center. Please come and provide your input on the governance of our Association.

2014 Neighborhood Survey

Please tell us your opinion by taking the 2014 Neighborhood Survey, which asks your opinion on the performance of AHCA’s Board, management company, and our major contractors. It also asks for your thoughts on how to improve our neighborhood.

Click here to take the survey online.

Or, click here for a PDF copy of the survey, which you can print, fill out and return to Gabe Cherem, as noted at the top of the page.

Revised Collections Policy

As noted in the most recent newsletter, our Collections Policy for delinquent accounts has changed. Please click the link to read the revised Collections Policy.

April 2014 Newsletter

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List of Roofing Contractors

With the harsh winter we experienced, many homes have had damage or accelerated wear-and-tear to their roofing. If your home is in need of roof repair, please check out the list of local roofing contractors below. Note that these are not recommendations, just a list for reference. If any Arbor Hills homeowner knows of other roofing contractors whom they would recommend, please feel free to post your recommendations to our neighborhood's Facebook page.

List of Roofing Contractors, for reference only (no recommendation implied):

March 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Click on the link for the March 2014 Board meeting minutes.

AHCA Board Meeting Open Session: Wednesday, April 30th, 7pm

The next open AHCA Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 30th, at 7pm, in the Clague Middle School media center. We hope to see you there!

March 2014 Newsletter

Click on the link for the March 2014 newsletter.

Revised Inspection Policy Draft

A revised draft of the Inspection Policy, incorporating homeowner feedback received, can be found here. Thanks to all those who provided their input!

This revision adds language tying the Alteration/Modification process into the inspections, and also explicitly includes the provisions from the Arbor Hills Neighborhood Policies related to fines and the appeal process. If you have any additional suggestions for improving the policy, please contact the Board.