Aesthetic Aspects Committee Established

During the open Board meeting last evening, 7/24/13, a committee of co-owner volunteers has been formed to work on the very important task of defining aspects for aesthetics as they are to be used for administering a compliance program for the neighborhood. The members are Brian Charnetski, Gabe Cherem, Elaine Kennedy, Jill Kulhanek, and Collin Ross. The committee will develop aspects which will then be presented in a survey to the neighborhood to obtain co-owner feedback.

New Management Company Decision Matrix

As announced at the open Board meeting this evening, a decision matrix has been created to capture the process of selecting a new management company. The matrix lists our current candidates and also has selection criteria that has been developed up to this point. The weighting on the form is currently not fixed and listed only for example.

July Open Board Meeting

The Arbor Hills Board of Directors will meet in a regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday, July 24, at

Special Meeting Results

As a result of the petition signed by 82 co-owners of the Association and delivered to the Board on June 27, a special meeting was required to be called. The purpose of the meeting was to vote for removal of all current Board members and no cause was given.

Arbor Hills Announcement

Dear Arbor Hills Neighbors,

On June 27th a petition signed by 82 homeowners was presented to the Secretary of the Arbor Hills Board requesting, per the bylaws, that a Special Meeting be held for the purpose of recalling all of the current board members.  The bylaws require the Board President to call the meeting now scheduled for July 18th.  At this meeting, a vote will occur.  If 101 votes are received agreeing to this, all of the Board members will be removed.

Nixon Property Developers Meeting

This is to alert you to a meeting in regards to the planned use of the Nixon property that was recently sold to a developer. The information underlined below is from the City and is notice the developer will hold a public information meeting. The developer will also be sending out a post card to all Arbor Hills residents that are within a 1,000 feet of the planned development.

Upcoming AHCA Board of Directors meetings.

The AHCA Board will meet for a scheduled executive session on Wednesday, June 26. The July Board meeting will include an open session and will be on Wednesday, July 24. Clague Middle School is not available during the summer months so the venue for this meeting will be announced after a meeting place is arranged.

March Arbor Hills Board Meeting

The Arbor Hills Board will meet in a regularly scheduled session Wednesday March 27, at Clague Middle School library/media center. The open portion of the meeting will begin at

Free compost for Arbor Hills residents

Free compost or mulch for Ann Arbor residents, only, is available on Saturdays, April 6 through June 29, 2013, from 8 a.m. to noon, while supplies last. Residents drive to the scale house at 4150 Platt Road and provide proof of Ann Arbor city residency — a recent water bill and driver’s license. The scale house operator will then direct residents to the location of the free compost and mulch. Limit is 6 bushels (or 1 cubic yard) per household of compost, mulch, or any combination thereof per year.

Arbor Hills compost collection resumes April 3.

The weekly curbside collection of compostable material in Arbor Hills resumes Wednesday, April 3, 2013. The compost program accepts yard trimmings such as leaves, plants, garden debris, twigs, and branches up to 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length. Residents using optional compost carts may also place grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and uncoated paper plates, paper cups, and napkins inside the carts for municipal collection.